Electrovoice EKX 15P

15" powered speaker

High-efficiency 1500 W speaker that delivers up to 134 dB. Frequency response range is from 55 Hz to 18 kHz. 

Two speakers are recommended for 15-75 PAX. Then one extra speaker for every 50 PAX added. 

Electrovoice EKX 18SP

18" powered subwoofer

High-efficiency 1300 W subwoofer that delivers up to 134 dB. Frequency response range is from 40 Hz to 150 Hz.

The subwoofer is responsible for reproducing bass sounds. It is great for adding a better body to the sound and night club vibes.

Two are recommended for up to 200 PAX.


Wireless Handheld Microphone

Professional wireless microphone made by Shure. It is the perfect choice for a crystal clear speech. 

Behringer XR18

18 channels digital audio mixer

Designed by MIDAS, the X Air is a digital console controlled by an iPad. It is perfect for complex inputs that require a wide range of modifications, such as gating, compression and equalization (e. g. music bands).

Yamaha MG20 XU

20 channels analog audio mixer

Analog audio mixer perfect for an audio system with subwoofers (bus channel), wireless microphones, and for playing music with a laptop and mobile phone. 

Yamaha MG10 XU

10 channels analog audio mixer

Analog audio mixer perfect for a 2 speakers audio system with a laptop/mobile phone for playing music.



LED Fixture

Top-tier LED, recommended for iluminating wide spaces such as ballrooms and outdoor areas. It provides a colorful wash, and also features strobes. 

It has 61 leds of 3 watts each, and the nomenclature of colors is RGBW. The IP Rating is 65, perfectly suited for outdoor events.

Chauvet Intimidator

Moving Head

The Intimidator features a beautiful set of gobos, that provide elegant designs to illuminate your event.

It has 8 gobos, 7 colors, strobes and continuous stroll at variable speeds which allows it to make a splendid light show.

Super Bright Beam 2R

Moving Head

This moving head is specially designed to project a beam of light, hence it is perfect for creating colorful and plain white beams. 

It is the rightful choice for spotting an award table, a master of ceremonies and any other space that requires to drag attention. 


DJ Booth

3 LED Panels

Our DJ Booth has 3 LED Panels, with a total of 874 pixels. 

Thanks to its configurable controller, we can program and customize the designs that are shown in the panels. 

Dance Floor

Infinity Gold

The infinity dance floor creates an effect of depth when standing above them, this is thanks to its dark opacity mirrors set on their lower part. 

Furthermore, each module has a set of stream lights that glow a gold tone of light.

We have 16 modules. With a 4 x 4 configuration, the size is of 16 x 16 ft. 

With a 3 x 3 configuration, the size of the dance floor is of 12 x 12 ft.

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