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Visuddha Entertainment, S.C., (Visuddha Entertainment®), hereinafter referred as “Visuddha Entertainment“, with address in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico is responsible for the collection and use of the personal data required in terms of the rules established by the Mexican Federal Law for Data Protection of Private Individuals (Mexican Privacy Law LFPDPPP), article 47 of its secondary regulations.


The personal data collected from our customers will be managed with the strictest confidentiality. Our customer’s information will be processed according to the provisions established by LFPDPPP. Mexican Privacy Law (articles 15 and 16 and 26 to 28 of its secondary regulations), requires us to inform you that your contact information, financial and patrimonial assets data and sensitive data collected from you directly (by phone, email, web applications, and social media.), and indirectly (information provided by hotels and resorts), will be used for the following essential purposes:

  1. To provide our entertainment services like musicians, acrobats, audiovisual and any other of similar nature.
  2. To provide our clients with specifications about our services through different sales channels such as: web page, email and telephone.
  3. Send by e-mail information to our customers related to promotions, discounts and offers of our services.
  4. To proceed payments via wire transfers or charges to credit or debit cards through the bank payment terminal.
  5. To inform our customers about changes in the services purchased.
  6. To conduct evaluations and surveys about the products and services offered.
  7. To request approval to share pictures and videos of our customers, in our Web Page, Social Media, and printed media.
  8. To process, plan the logistics and deliver at the hotel or address of the event the services purchased by our customers.
  9. To provide the electronic bill to those clients who request it.
  10. Elaborate contracts between the client and the company for the execution of our services.
  11. To generate the reports of incidents and/or accidents occurred in our services.
  12. To request access for photographers to make footages, photo sessions, or video production of our services.
  13. To confirm and correct the information that we have of our customers in order to ensure the best quality services and inform them about changes in our privacy notice.
  14. To assess the viability of a candidate in our Human Resources recruitment procedures. 


According to the provisions stated by articles 8° and 9° of the LFPDPPP, and articles 15 and 16 of its secondary regulations (RLFPDPPP), Visuddha Entertainment is required to obtain express consent of its customers in order to use and process their financial, patrimonial assets and sensitive data. Therefore, when we require such information to provide our services, we will request your authorization through a format at the moment of the data collection.


Visuddha Entertainment transfers information to the venues in which clients hold their events, where the company has a legal relationship and/or maintains compliance agreements with hotels and resorts. This data transfer to hotels and resorts is exclusively between the clients of each hotel and resort. Visuddha Entertainment does not transfer information to hotels or resorts where clients are not carrying out the execution of their event.

Express consent is not required by law for this kind of transferences according to article 37, section VII of the LFPDPPP.

Furthermore, depending of the services contracted by our customers their personal data may be shared with other companies to provide those services. In those cases, Visuddha Entertainment will inform you about these transferences and will require your authorization for the management of this information. These transfers will be carried out in compliance with the provisions established by article 36 of the LFPDPPP and articles 72 and 73 of its secondary rules (RLFPDPPP).

With the exceptions of the cases cited above, the personal data provided by our customers will not be transferred to any other party or company unless the data transfer is required by law under the provisions stated by article 37 of the LFPDPPP.


Visuddha Entertainment videotapes and takes photographs of its services for sales and marketing purposes. Visuddha Entertainment does not disclose its client’s identity nor the location of the event without a written authorization by the customer. Visuddha Entertainment will request authorization to be able to use, print, reproduce, and publish the photos and videos of the clients in printed media (magazines, calendars, brochures, etc.), and electronic media (Blogs, social networks, newsletter, web site, etc.) and/or any other media in all of its formats, editions, phonograms or video-grams, and other forms of media in order to document and communicate information about its clients.

Visuddha Entertainment will not publish or reveal photos or videos disclosing the identity of its customers, and neither will exploit them commercially without their proper express authorization.


Visuddha Entertainment videotapes images and sounds through security cameras in its offices as well as in some of its vehicles. These are captured in order to have a control of entries and exits, ensure the safety of people, facilities and assets of the company and, where appropriate, be able to identify the persons in the event that the whereabouts of company assets cannot be determined. In this order of ideas, you are informed that the treatment of this recordings is part of the security measures adopted inside and in the perimeter area of the Visuddha Entertainment facilities as well as in some of its vehicles, through monitoring in a closed circuit television system (CCTV) and a registry of entrances and exits of visitors.


Our policy regarding the information related to the use of our website is described below. You should review this Privacy Policy regularly since it may change at any time at our discretion. The safety and confidentiality of the users that provide their information when hiring a service will be protected by a safe server under the protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL), so the data sent will be encrypted to ensure that is safe.

To verify that your information is safe, make sure that there is always an “s” in the browser. Example: https://. Likewise, when you enter the web site of Visuddha Entertainment, we will register your internet address (this address is temporary and it is assigned by your internet services supplier when you get online), the type of operative system and the web browser that you use. Additionally, we can track the parts of the web site that you are visiting. The information that we obtain is used to help us create a better experience for the users of our web site; all this process is done without us knowing your name or any other information that allow us to identify it. When users visit our websites, they do it anonymously unless they expressly decide to identify themselves with us.

Visuddha Entertainment does not require that customers provide personal data to use the Website, unless is necessary. Some applications may require that users disclose some personal data, for example our contact forms require user’s e-mail address to create comments, complaints, questions or suggestions about our services.

In these forms we will not require financial, patrimonial and/or sensitive data; any disclosure of this information is your responsibility. Regardless the above, if you voluntarily provide any of this information Visuddha Entertainment assures it will be used with strict confidentiality.


As stated in Mexican Privacy Law (LFPDPPP), customers may request the access, rectification, cancellation or oppose to the use of their personal information provided to the responsible, or revoke their consent. Their request will be answered by our Privacy Officer, through this email address:

According to Privacy Law you can request access, rectification, cancellation, or oppose to the use of your personal data by following the process described below:

  1. Send an email to:; indicating your full name, address, legal or commercial relationship with Visuddha Entertainment, (strategic partner, client, etc.) and the type of right that you desire to request.
  2. Fill the application that will be sent to you, identifying: the data regarding which you need the access to, rectification, cancellation, or objection, or the information which you wish to revoke your consent, adding some of the ID documents stated in the application to verify your identity.
  3. Once the application is filled, you will have to e-mail it to the address mentioned in paragraph 1, attaching all the documents you consider relevant for your request. If you wish to correct your data, you must explain exactly what the errors in your information are, adding the documents necessary to correct that information.
  4. Once the application is received, you will get a confirmation e-mail, with the attention number assigned to your request. In case that the application contains errors or incomplete information, you will be required to correct the application within ten days after the notification. If you don’t correct the application, the request won’t be processed and answered.
  5. Applications sent on Weekend or Holydays will be received until the following working day.
  6. The application will be answered by email within twenty business days from its confirmed reception. This deadline can be extended twenty additional days if there is a justified cause for the delay. This situation will be notified to the applicant according to what is established in article 97 of the secondary regulations of the Mexican Privacy Law RLFPDPPP.
  7. If your application fulfil all the legal and administrative requirements requested by Law, the access will be granted, the data will be corrected, your requests to cancel the information or to stop using your information will be carried out, or the withdraw of your consent will be registered in our databases in a period of time that will not exceed 15 labor days. This deadline can be extended fifteen additional days if there exists a justified cause for the delay, this situation will be notified to the applicant according to what is established in article 97 of the secondary regulations of the Mexican Privacy Law RLFPDPPP.

If your application fulfilled all the requirements requested by articles 32 to 35 of the Mexican Privacy Law (LFPDPPP), the answer will be sent to you via e-mail, free of any charge. However, if you wish to receive it by other means the applicant must cover the expenses of the copies and formats requested.


If you consider that the answer given to you is incomplete or incorrect or you believe that your privacy rights have been violated by the Responsible, you can complain to the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI). If you want to know more you can access to the website:


If you have any questions regarding the content, interpretation or scope of this Privacy Notice, or if you need more information regarding to the processing of your personal data, you can send an e-mail to our Privacy Officer to the address:


This privacy notice is in force and will be updated by publishing a new privacy notice in this site. Any changes of this privacy notice will be informed by publishing an updated version of this document.

Date of most recent update: October 23th, 2023.

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